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No Contract, No Membership Fees and No Trispray-tan-brackley1cks. Only Luxury Products and Great Service.

Our services include:
Organic Spray Tan
Tanning in High Pressure, Luxury Beds
Infrared Sauna
Whole Body Vibration



We are officialy home to Celebrities for all their  tanning and detoxing needs.

We treat everyone like a celebrity at You Tan, no exceptions!


Try our combo packages and receive $20 off on your luxury bronzing cream.


You Tan Studios is the most popular Tanning and Toning salon in Downtown Vancouver.

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#1 Tanning  Salon in Downtown Vancouver

tanning vancouver

tanning vancouver

We Carry Super High Pressure & Standup Beds at Competitive Prices

Welcome to You Tan Studios, a tanning salon – located at 86 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC – in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown. Here is a brief presentation of the emaculate, luxurious tanning studio in Downtown Vancouver.

At You Tan Studios in Vancouver, you will find a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, which includes upscale chandelier décor, leather seating –  and a clean and stunning bathroom available. The staff at You Tan, Tanning in Vancouver offer friendly service – are Smart Tan Certified Staff –  with a smile and are always ready to assist you in building and maintaining your tan to its full potential. With our in depth knowledge and passion for the tanning industry, we will assist you in enjoying your Vancouver tanning experience. Come visit us today for service with a big smile!

You Tan keeps it simple, we don’t use any confusing “point system”. Why not? We don’t believe in tricking our customers. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients, and those only work when based on trust.

No hassle, no gimmicks, no tricks.

You Tan is Vancouver’s Premier Organic Spray Tan Studio

spray tan pic

Natural Organic Spray Tan in       Vancouver, BC

We are home to the Organic Auto-Spray Tan experience! You Tan is the only Vancouver tanning studio offering a true “organic” spray tan. Unlike other spraytans, our sprays only include premium ingredients such as: organic green tea, watermelon, and brown sugar.

Not only does our tanning solution leave you smelling absolutely delicious, it also gives you a beautiful bronze glow with the benefits of MicroCoreTechnology. This tanning technology applies an even, full coverage tan in just 6 seconds. Our clear solution helps prevent skin aging; by providing moisturizing, and nourishing ingredients, which leaves your skin feeling soothed, and youthful.


Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

In only 10 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Machine, you can get the same benefits of an hour of cardio and strength conditioning. Whole Body Vibration uses the latest vibration power plate technology to transmit energy to your body, forcing your body’s core supportive muscles to contract and relax at a rapid rate. This action contributes to numerous health benefits and takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional exercise routines.


-Flushes your lymphatic system

-Breaks  down the toxin in your system

Major blood circulation

-Major cellulite reduction

-Excellent for muscle pain and rehabilitation


Whole body vibration machineyoutan_vibtyra_275x275




Infrared Sauna

During your sauna session your blood circulation will be increased. Which makes your heart beat faster and it will cause you to burn calories. You can lose up to 700 calories in just one session!


Quickly Burn Fat

During Your Session You Will Be Losing:

  • Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • 80-85% water
  • Acids
  • Ammonia
  • Salt, Sugar
  • Heavy metals (lead, cadmium, nickel, copper, sodium)

Voted #1 Tanning Studio in Yaletown

lose 700 cal in one session

Lose 700 cal in one session

All of our Vancouver tanning beds use premium tanning equipment. We take pride in the fact that we use the top of the line lamps in our beds, which help give you a more efficient tan. Other tanning studios use dimmer lamps so that you need to visit more frequently. Again, we think that our products speak for themselves, there’s a reason why we provide the ultimate tanning experience, we are diligent with the large, and small aspects of tanning.

Our selection of tanning lotions, tanning accelerators, and tanning after care lotions are chosen by skin care professionals according to the quality of their ingredients, we hold ourselves to a high level of quality.

Come Visit You Tan Studios in

Downtown Vancouver Today

Come visit You Tan Studios in Yaletown, Vancouver today, and enjoy the ultimate

tanning experience in Downtown Vancouver!

If you are Pregnant or using any medication, narcotics and anything of that nature , please consult your Physician before using any of our services which includes:  Tanning, Infrared Sauna, Whole Body Vibration, tanning creams or Organic Spray tan.

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