Vibration Machine

Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

In only 20 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Machine, you can get the same benefits of an hour of cardio and strength conditioning. Whole Body Vibration uses the latest vibration power plate technology to transmit energy to your body, forcing your body’s core supportive muscles to contract and relax at a rapid rate. This action contributes to numerous health benefits and takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional exercise routines.

Body Vibration Machine on The Doctors
FBE Spa Whole Body Vibration Machine on The Doctors with Fran Drescher
FBE Holistiic Health & Fitness Spa was featured on a very special episode of daytime television’s new hit The Doctors. On the show FBE demonstrates how their popular Whole Body Vibration Machines burn calories, strengthen bone, build muscle, improve posture, etc. etc. Fran Drescher was a special guest on this episode. Watch her vibrate!
Whole Body Vibration Machine on the Tyra Show
FBE Spa Vibration Exercise Machine on the Tyra Show
AHPR’s Rosalynn Basford demonstrates FBE Holistic Health and Fitness vibration exercise machine on the Tyra Show. 10 Minutes on this machine is the equivalent of 60 minutes at the Gym! Lose Weight Fast!
Helps your muscles
With a whole body vibration machine you can expect similar strength gains to the conventional gym training in the half the time. Studies have shown that a 10 minute workout on the vibration machine gives similar benefits to a one hour gym session!
For Beauty
Using a whole body vibrating machine will significantly reduce cellulite! Studies show that just with 3 sessions a week it’s possible to reduce cellulite on your thighs and buttocks by a huge 25.7%! When you combine the vibration training with regular use of a infrared sauna you will be getting rid of your cellulite even faster!
Whole Body Vibration Machine on the Tyra Show
Feel good
You know that feeling that you get right after a workout, that natural ‘high’? Well you can get that feeling after a session! You’ll get an overall feeling of youth and energy.
Blood circulation
This machine works the entire body which increase proper blood circulation all over your body. When your blood circulation is increased correctly then the body’s metabolism is sped up and you will get more energy.
Remove Toxins
Vibration machines will stimulate the lymphatic system. It will help with removing excess toxins and increase your muscle mobility and flexibility.
Vibration Machine & Infrared Sauna in Conjunction
Using both machines in conjunction with each other will make the benefits of each machine show up faster! Both machines help with weight loss, removing toxins, removing cellulite, helping muscles tighten, and so much more! They will also help you tan faster, because they both bring oxygen to the surface of the skin. So after your infrared sauna session or vibration session go for a tan in one of our super beds!

Other Benefits of using Whole body Vibration:

1. Blood circulation
The vibrations coursing through your body while using one of these machines will help keep your blood oxygenated, which helps greatly with blood circulation.

2. Performance
The vibrations contract and release so rapidly that it in turn helps the muscles response time, and strength. Athletes use the vibration machines regularly to help prevent muscle cramping or tension, in aid helping with their performance.

3. Arthritis
Vibration therapy for arthritis allows a person to get a significant amount of muscle strengthening exercises without impact on the joints. Exactly how does this work? Let’s take knee arthritis as an example. Have you tried doing some form of strength training? If so, did you feel pain as you tried bending your knees more? With vibration therapy for arthritis, you can simply place yourself on the platform in a semi squat position where YOU feel comfortable. The platform will then go up and down instead of you. This elicits over 3000 muscle contractions in 1 minute. Now, you are getting that strength training program while putting yourself in a position that’s comfortable. You can increase the ‘difficulty’ of the vibration therapy for arthritis simply by increasing the intensity on the machine rather than doing more difficult and painful exercises.

4. Metabolism
As you exercise, you use more muscles. Your muscles get stronger and bigger, requiring you to use more energy. The amount of energy required for your body to use everyday is called your metabolism. The vibrations burn energy rapidly comparable to 1 hour of running, with far less stress or effort. The more energy burned the higher your metabolism spikes, aiding in weight loss.

5. Firming
The rapid contractions of your muscles tighten up your muscles. The vibrations activate the collagen release in your skin to help plump it up and reduce the visibility of cellulite and wrinkles, making the skin appear and feel firmed.

6. Weight loss
-The vibrations rapidly contract and relax the muscles, thus burning energy quickly. One 15 minute session is equal to 1 hour of running. The vibration machine is a perfect tool to aid weight loss and help tighten the skin at the same time. Many people that have undergone drastic weight loss are left with lose skin. The vibration machine helps prevent that by strengthening muscles and skin at the same time.

7. Parkinson’s disease
Whole Body Vibration on oscillating platforms improves postural stability and motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease. Whole Body Vibration is also found as effective (if not more so) as conventional physical therapy for treating gait and improving balance in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

8. Alopecia Treatment
Vibrations help activate hair follicles making hair growth become more rapid. People with hair loss or experience difficulties growing their hair can benefit from the vibrations.

9. Osteoporosis
Bones grow and re-mineralize in response to the forces of stress placed on them. This generally requires that you engage in some type of progressive resistance exercise—that is, weight lifting—to keep your bones strong and to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

10. Joint,muscle pain
The vibrations help loosen tense muscles by rapid contractions, helping aid in muscle pain and cramping. The vibration machines puts little to no stress on joints making it the optimal way to exercise after injury, or people who experience chronic joint pain.

11. Bone density
Regular exercise and basic aging breaks down the bones density over time. Using the vibration machine helps slow down that process my taking stress off joints. The vibrations help activate cell renewal which helps bones repair themselves. Replacing running with a 15 – 20 minute vibration session can help reduce bone density loss my 20-30%.

12. Flexibility
Various exercises you can do on the vibration platform can help your range of motion and flexibility. Because your muscles aren’t tensed up while vibrations are on, your muscles allow you to expand your range of motion more easily.

13. Neurological condition
The vibrations help release toxins inside blood stream. Through consistent sessions clients result in weight loss, release of toxins, and improved skin appearance. In result feeling more confident, energized, and healthy. Which in result, improves the clients neurological state.

If you are Pregnant or using any medication, Narcotics and anything of that nature , please consult your Physician before using any of our services which includes: Tanning, Infrared Sauna ,Whole body Vibration,Tanning creams or Organic Spray tan.